Shaft Clamp

Shaft parts are one of the typical parts often encountered in hardware accessories. They are mainly used to support transmission parts, transmit torque and bear loads.

Shaft Clamp

A shaft is a cylindrical object that passes through the middle of the bearing, the middle of the wheel, or the middle of the gear, but a small part of it is square.

What is a shaft

A shaft is a mechanical part that supports a rotating part and rotates with it to transmit motion, torque or bending moment.

Shaft shape

It is generally in the shape of a metal round rod, and each section can have different diameters. The rotating parts of the machine are mounted on the shaft.

Popular Products

Shaft clamping

Shaft clamping can include clamping the shaft at only one position; when the shaft rotates or moves longitudinally, the shaft is clamped at any position; when the shaft is only allowed to move longitudinally but not rotating, the shaft is clamped at any position; when When the shaft is only allowed to rotate but not to move longitudinally, index the shaft at any position. The shaft clamping can also be designed to facilitate the replacement of the detachable shaft.

Select Your Box

The shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part sleeved on the rotating shaft and is a component of the sliding bearing. Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve and the bearing seat adopt an interference fit, and the shaft adopts a clearance fit.

Transmission Shaft

The drive shaft is a rotating body with high speed and less support, so its dynamic balance is very important. Generally, the drive shaft must undergo a dynamic balance test before leaving the factory, and adjusted on a balance machine.

Axle Card

Axle clamp is a kind of hole movement that is installed on a grooved shaft and used as a fixed part. The inner diameter of this type of retaining ring is slightly smaller than the diameter of the assembly shaft.

The role of the shaft


The drive shaft is an important part of the transmission of power in the automobile driveline. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, so that the automobile generates driving force.


Generally, the shaft cannot be operated alone, and a coupling must be used to make the shaft operate normally.


Special-purpose vehicle drive shafts are mainly used in tank trucks, refueling trucks, sprinklers, sewage suction trucks, fecal suction trucks, fire trucks, high-pressure cleaning trucks, road wrecker trucks, aerial work trucks, garbage trucks and other vehicles.

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